Jerusalem, Israel; 26.02.2014
M7; 50mm Summilux f/1.4
f5.6 Aperture Priority
Kodak Tri-X 400

Published by stephencosh

Street Scooters Soul


  1. I have been loving all the Tri-X images as of late, Stephen. While I don’t have something like the Leica gear you are using, my old Yashica Electro35 GS (passed to me after my dad’s death in 1997) is still a joy to use. I get a lot of inspiration from your images with the M7 and the 50mm. I plan on using the Yashica a lot at an upcoming jazz festival I will be covering. Thanks for ALL your posts!!!


  2. a wonderfully atmospheric photograph!


  3. One question, Stephen – do you do your own developing? If yes, what developer are you using?


    1. I do rich. I use hc110 dilution b


      1. Thanks, Stephen. I used to be strictly a D-76 user in the early days (1978-2001-then shifted to mostly digital while shooting for a newspaper), shifted to XTOL for a while, but now I also use HC110 Dilution B since I can get the HC110 in liquid form and make amounts that get used before going stale.

        I really like the latest postings with all the Tri-X which is still my favorite b&w film.


  4. Fantastic photo Stephen.


    1. You’ve been shooting a lot with your M7


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