Negombo, Sri Lanka; 02.07.2014
M240; Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 Asph
f2 1/60sec iso2000

I met Mary in Negombo selling saris. She told me that she sold silk wear and worked in a silver factory to support her family. Her daughter suffers from chronic arthritis and her husband was injured working on the railway and can no longer work. Nevertheless, Mary was full of life.

Published by stephencosh

Street Scooters Soul


  1. Hi Stephen, I like the photo (the others too). Special notice that the photo was composed after the golden rule. I find this photo very expressive. What I do not understand why is the high ISO as high as 2000. In rainy Germany we believed it always seems like a good sun in Sri Lanka. Greatings Lutz


    1. Hi Lutz. It is very sunny in SL so I was shooting with an ND 3 attached hence the high ISO


  2. Hi Stephen, thanks for the reply. Until now I have used ND filters in the evening, in very crowded places or when shooting water. Why do you use ND in portrait pictures? When do you use ND filter otherwise?


    1. I want to use my lenses wide open. F/1.4 in Sri Lanka would burn a hole in the sensor but the ND filter stops it down enough to shoot wide open


  3. Hi Stephen, thanks for the answer. I’ve learned something again. Thanks


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